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Shower Trays And Screens

Shower Trays And Screens

glass door for bathroom shower What distributors must know about selling glass door for bathroom shower Now, glass door for bathroom shower has become a necessity, but because each bathroom is different, how to install glass door for bathroom showerin a limited space, concernig the right size is...
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shower trays and screens

We excel at making shower screens and shower cabins.

What distributors must know about selling glass door for shower trays and screens

4, if the shower area has hidden water pipes, ask clearly about them, and mark on the drawings, in order to avoid these water pipes in the production and installation process.

5, the toilet or basin outside the shower area also need to be addressed with clear location. This point is particularly important to open the door.

6, the level of the installation of shower room level should also be accurate, if there is no file water stone base, the shower room directly to the floor is particularly important, because to go the water, the general floor is uneven. Tile level can refer to the amount of down, you can know how much the level of difference.

7, bathroom screen  must be the width of the bottom edge and the amount of the width of the standard, pay attention to the flat to be straight. The width of the general up and down are not the same.

8, if you want to cap, the height of both sides have to be accurate, the general height of both sides are not the same.

9, the door on the left or right have to indicate.

10, if you want to racks, racks location also marked.

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 Tray Material: ABS acrylic

 Type: Shower Enclosures

 With Frame

 Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy

 Frame Surface Finishing: Electroplate

 Glass Thickness: 6mm tempered glass , clear glass

sliding glass door for bathroom shower

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