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pet wash machine bath

pet wash machine bath

Product: Pet Bathtub Brand: Nami • Mengpo Model: MG8802 Size: 1100x900x850mm Tub depth: 750mm Packaging Volume: 0.98m3
Product Details

pet wash machine bath

Our pet bathtubs come in different sizes and functions and can be customized to specific needs. Our purpose is to provide groomers with user-friendly bath equipment so that they can give amazing bathing experience to lovely pets.

Product: Pet Bathtub

Brand: Nami • Mengpo

Model: MG8802 

Size: 1100x900x850mm 


Available Options:

air bubble and whirlpool functions 


- Bathtub specially designed for pet, suitable for medium and small pet.

- The bathtub is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, smooth and easy to clean.

- With CE Certificate.

- Application: family, pet hospital, pet entertainment center, pet spa, pet beauty salon etc.


Size: 1100x900x850mm 

Interior size: 700x850x750mm

A special double-layer hair strainer prevents the waste pipe from being blocked by pet hair.

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