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The Baby Swimming Pool Is Designed For Babies
Updated: Aug 08, 2017

Baby swimming pool generally refers to the baby under the age of 1 dedicated swimming pool, the general matching one-time swim bag, baby swim ring or infant swimming ring (armpit circle), pump, water meter that is the basic material for baby swimming.

1 baby swimming pool is designed for baby design of the swimming pool, the general use of such products are PVC materials for processing. There are about two kinds of baby swimming pools on the market: one for the family including the inflatable swimming pool and the stadium swimming pool; Baby Swimming Pool the other for the business dedicated, is the acrylic one type forming swimming pool.

2 trait classification

Inflatable baby swimming pool and features

Inflatable swimming pool is generally used for the family, Baby Swimming Pool the appearance looks very beautiful, and relatively smooth, choose the best time to choose thicker material pool, more solid

Safety: thick PU cloth design, soft, thick, easy to break more secure, (the market thickness of the pool material is 0.3 mm, thickened to 0.4 mm).


1. Layered design, adjustable height: special stratification charge, exhaust design, Baby Swimming Pool height can be based on the characteristics of infant height development in different stages of appropriate regulation, 0 to 36 months of infants and young children are applicable;

 Baby swimming pool

2. Inflatable cushion, comfortable and more insulation: inflatable vertical wall and bottom pad, soft texture, the protection of infant foot safety. Baby Swimming Pool Compared to ordinary single-layer swimming pool has a better insulation effect.

3, large space, play more fun: large space, can be suitable for light, 4-5 year old children to use, even in the early swimming can do parent-child play. Let the baby fully enjoy the fun of bathing, so that the baby is more like bathing, bathing process more easily

3 how to buy

First of all to place a good place to place the baby swimming pool, it is best in the bathroom inside, and some of the bathroom may be relatively small, so there is a good amount in advance can be how much place can be placed. No place, then the kitchen is also possible, Baby Swimming Pool but should pay attention to the place where the water is easy.

According to determine the size of the place to place the baby swimming pool, we can choose according to this size. Now there are two kinds of baby swimming pools that are mostly folded and inflated.

Baby swimming pool materials are mostly PVC, folder PVC, paste cloth and other production, to choose a safe material; baby swimming pool selection according to the height of the baby's development options, the other inflatable pool, then choose the bottom of the air cushion is real texture, Baby Swimming Pool so Baby step on the top will be more soft and comfortable. The other is the bottom of the best drainage pipe, so drainage is more convenient.

3 Precautions

Room temperature, water temperature requirements:

Room temperature in about 28C, the water temperature of about 38C, (summer can be room temperature 24 degrees, water temperature 34-36 degrees), especially within 3 months of the baby, if the room temperature, water temperature can not meet the requirements, easily lead to cold baby.

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