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Jacuzzi Safety Is Very Important
Updated: Jul 14, 2017

Massage bathtub First use to thoroughly clean

For the bathroom big enough for the family, buy a Jacuzzi is a good choice, bathtub interior has a clustered arrangement of the spa nozzle, through the motor movement, on the back of the bath, waist and other easy to fatigue parts of the water massage, to accelerate the circulation of blood, activating joints and other functions.

Although bathing in the Jacuzzi is a pleasure, there are some hidden health risks. The Jacuzzi is easy to breed bacteria, so it is very important to clean the bathtub. In this respect, the Sanitary Ware business manager Shen Jingxin said, massage bathtub pipeline easy to breed bacteria, Massage Bathtub preferably before the first use, thoroughly clean once, the most important is the cleaning pipeline.

Normally, the cylinder body cleaning, the use of neutral detergent is better, neutral detergent in building materials supermarkets are sold, Massage Bathtub the price is also relatively cheap, to avoid the use of ceramic tile or enamel surface cleaning agent, do not use spray or concentrate, because the strong corrosive detergent will cause damage to the acrylic surface of the bathtub. It is also good to use baking soda to remove the dirt from the bathtub.

Modern life pressure is big, work is busy, after busy wash a comfortable hot tub to say goodbye to a day of exhaustion is modern people's favorite. However, the use of ordinary bathtub can only be easy to relax the body, to the comfort of the bath to a higher level, but also with a jacuzzi.

Key One: Nozzle

Massage bathtub cylinder wall, cylinder bottom, distributing a lot of sprinkler, it is to use these sprinklers to achieve the effect of massage. The basic massage bathtub includes at least 4 massage applicators, the higher the level, the more the nozzle. Consumers in the purchase to understand the efficacy of the nozzle, Massage Bathtub the effect of the combination of sprinkler. At the same time carefully check the nozzle, pipe interface is tight, to ensure safety.

Key two: Motor

Motor is the heart of the Jacuzzi, the motor is installed in the hidden place, consumers want to judge the motor is the simplest way is to listen to sound. In the purchase, you can connect the power, let the jacuzzi work, and then carefully listen to the motor sound. As a good motor, no sound is audible. Conversely, Massage Bathtub the poor motor can hear the noise.

Key three: Security

The Jacuzzi is an electrical appliance, and safety is very important. Therefore, we must check the safety certificate and the electrical equipment Safety certificate When we choose the product. See if you have such as CE certification in Europe, the United States Electrical Safety certificate.

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