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Jacuzzi Is A Kind Of Bathroom For Home Use
Updated: Aug 18, 2017

Massage bathtub is a kind of functional and beautiful products are better, massage bathtub has the convenience of bathing, the characteristics of good massage effect, is a suitable home, biscuits and other local use of sanitary ware, but, massage bathtub is different from the ordinary bathtub, the price of massage bathtub is higher than the ordinary bathtub, and the design needs to consider the massage and cleaning functions.

Many people may want to buy a massage bathtub, massage bathtub can be convenient to enjoy the bubble bath, bath can enjoy a variety of functions of the massage, is to ease the fatigue of the human body, Massage Bathtub enjoy a comfortable life of a bathroom products. Massage bathtub features are usually considered a kind of bathroom equipment, people in the purchase of more than bathroom equipment store to see, in fact, the massage bathtub and ordinary bathtub is different, it is a kind of household appliances, a luxury electrical equipment, Massage Bathtub its characteristics are numerous, compared with a lot of people are curious about this kind of bathtub information, so, we come together today to understand the characteristics of the massage bathtub.

Massage bathtub, it includes cylinder body, cylinder body with cylinder edge, the cylinder side has shower and switch, cylinder body is round, in the cylinder body is equipped with surf nozzle, bubble spout, is a suitable home, hotel and other places used sanitary ware. Cylinder body part is nothing more than all kinds of bathtub, the material is mostly steel or acrylic, and massage system, from the cylinder visible nozzle and bathtub behind the hidden pipe, motor, control box, etc. composition. Massage Bathtub This massage system is the key to the purchase of a Jacuzzi and is also a common part of the people's perception of the Jacuzzi tub.

The main feature of the massage bathtub is the massage function, massage function is the use of sprinkler water to play the effect of massage. Massage bathtub cylinder wall, the bottom of the cylinder, distribution of the sprinkler, less then two pairs, more than a dozen pairs, it is used in water, to achieve the effect of massage. The nozzle of the bottom of the cylinder is mainly to massage the back, Massage Bathtub the nozzle of the cylinder wall mainly massages the soles of the feet, the sides of the body and the shoulders. Massage bathtub According to the configuration of the nozzle, the general system and mixing system, single system, there is a single spray of water with a single jet, combined system, it is jet water and jet combination.

Massage bathtub also has the characteristics of fitness treatment, you can drink a cup of water at room temperature to help clean the body circulatory system, water temperature to 34 ℃ appropriate; start a hydraulic massage system, run 8-10 minutes, during this time, massage water can relieve the skin surface nerve tension; take a shower of 20 ℃ water, from left foot to hips, from right foot to buttocks, Massage Bathtub from left hand to shoulder, from right to shoulder (all from bottom to top), shower to sprinkle on abdomen, shower sprinkle on back. This will be able to achieve the role of fitness therapy, for regular fitness friends, can be very good to ease the fatigue of fitness.

Add 36 ℃ of water to the bathtub, which can be added with a relaxing effect of water-soluble bath oil to enhance the effect of hydraulic massage; start the air massage system, run for 3 minutes, let the bottom out of the bubbles relax the muscle tissue, and increase elasticity for the skin. Massage Bathtub If your jacuzzi has only a hydraulic massage system, use an air conditioning switch to adjust the amount of air to the maximum (water and air are sprayed after mixing the nozzle); Start the air massage system and the hydraulic massage system, run for 10 minutes, and if your jacuzzi has only a hydraulic massage system, use the air conditioner switch to adjust the air volume to medium. During these 10 minutes, the massage flow provides an effective soothing way for muscle tissue and accelerates blood circulation in the body by relieving nerve tension on the skin's surface.

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