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Jacuzzi Helps People To Be In Good Health
Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Massage bathtub is mainly through the motor movement, so that the bathtub inside the wall nozzle spray out into the air flow, resulting in the circulation of water, resulting in a massage effect on the human body. Take Kohler's single-speed water pump and pneumatic switch as an example: as long as the bathtub is filled with water, it can run self-sufficient. Massage Bathtub There is a suction nozzle at the bottom of the bathtub, where the water is sucked into the pump and then flowed back into the bathtub by the sprinklers installed on both sides of the bathtub. The air is sucked in from the inlet and mixed with the water at the nozzle, rotating each nozzle edge to adjust the airflow.

A Jacuzzi is a plumbing device for bathing or showering and is usually installed in a home bathroom. The most common color of the Jacuzzi is white, and there are other shades such as pink. Massage Bathtub Most of the Jacuzzi bottoms have a water level, Massage Bathtub and the upper water level is also provided with a flood-proof. Some of the hoses are fitted to the edge of the jacuzzi.

Massage bathtub with ease of pressure: ① in the Jacuzzi with 36 ℃ of water, can add some relaxing effect of water-soluble bath oil, to enhance the effect of hydraulic massage; ② Activate the air massage system, run for 3 minutes, let the bottom out of the bubbles relax muscle tissue, Massage Bathtub increase elasticity for the skin ③ starts the air massage system and the hydraulic massage system, runs 10 minutes, then the massage water flow through relieves the skin surface nerve tension, provides the effective soothing way for the muscle tissue, Massage Bathtub simultaneously accelerates the blood circulation in the body;

Massage bathtub with treatment of insomnia: ① in the jacuzzi filled with 36 ℃ of water, can add some relaxing effect of water-soluble bath oil, to enhance the effect of hydraulic massage; ② starts the hydraulic massage system, closes the air conditioning switch in the hydraulic massage system and runs for 15 minutes. Massage water provides an effective soothing way for muscle tissue and accelerates blood circulation in the body by relieving nerve tension on the skin's surface.

The role of Jacuzzi is also some, Massage Bathtub generally beneficial to the body and mind, if you buy the product can fully realize these functions, it is much more cost-effective massage.

Jacuzzi is a product of fashion trends. It not only has the traditional bathtub bath function, the most important thing is that it adds the massage physiotherapy function, can satisfy the people at home can carry on the leisure health care need.

Jacuzzi, including bathtub body, including groove One, Groove two, massage cushion one and massage cushion two, the groove is arranged in the head of the bathtub body, Massage Bathtub groove Two is arranged on the other side opposite to the head of the bathtub body, the massage cushion is arranged in the groove One, and the massage cushion is arranged in Groove two. Through the bathtub head and relative to the head of the location of the groove and massage cushion, in the bath, massage cushion can be people's head and feet massage, to eliminate people working day fatigue, relaxation nerves, to help people's health.

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