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Jacuzzi For The Purchase Of Skills
Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Modern life pressure, work busy, busy after a comfortable hot bath to bid farewell to the day of fatigue is a modern favorite. However, the use of ordinary massage bathtub can only relax the body, in order to comfort in the bath on a layer, have to use a massage bathtub.

Key one: nozzle

Massage bathtub cylinder wall, the bottom of the cylinder, the distribution of many of the nozzle, it is the use of these nozzles to achieve the effect of massage. The basic jacuzzi includes at least four massage heads, the higher the level, the more the number of nozzles. Massage Bathtub Consumers in the purchase to understand the effectiveness of the nozzle, nozzle combination of the effect. At the same time carefully check the nozzle, pipe interface is tight, to ensure safety.

Key two: motor

The motor is the heart of the jacuzzi, the motor is installed in the shelter, the consumer wants to judge the motor is the best way to listen to the sound. In the purchase, you can connect the power, let the massage bathtub work, and then listen carefully to the sound of the motor. If a good motor, simply can not hear the sound. On the contrary, the poor motor can hear the noise.

Key three: security

Jacuzzi is electrical, safe is very important. Therefore, we must buy products in the purchase of electrical safety as a certificate, electrical equipment safety certificate. Massage Bathtub To see if you have such as CE certification, such as Europe, the United States electrical safety certificate.

Massage bathtub quality identification tips

As an ordinary purchaser, it is difficult for us to identify the quality of the jacuzzi too much, but it is still necessary to master some small identification techniques. The first step in the massage bathtub is to start from the surface.

First look at gloss

By looking at the surface gloss to understand the merits of the material, Massage Bathtub suitable for any kind of material massage bathtub. But also our first step to determine the quality of massage bathtub.

Smooth surface smoothness

Applicable to steel and cast iron Jacuzzi, because these two massage bathtubs need to be enameled, the plating process is not good there will be subtle ripples.

Experience the internal firmness of the jacuzzi

The strength of the massage bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, the visual is not visible, need to personally try, but also by hand press, foot to try to firm. There is gravity of the case, such as station to go, Massage Bathtub whether there is a feeling of sinking.

View the support parts inside the jacuzzi

Brand massage bathtub support parts connected to the outside, the external paint, do not see the traces of welding. And no-name massage bathtub rough appearance, not only the internal connection of welding traces, Massage Bathtub and some even the external water and the cylinder connection is not enough docile.

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