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Jacuzzi Can Relieve Body Pressure
Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Massage bathtub is usually considered a kind of bathroom equipment, people want to buy, more to decorate the bathroom equipment shop to patronize, who also did not see it in the appliance store. In fact, the massage bathtub is different from the ordinary bathtub, it is a kind of household appliances, Massage Bathtub a luxurious electrical equipment.

Massage bathtub, it includes cylinder body, cylinder body is equipped with the cylinder edge, the cylinder side has the shower and the switch, Massage Bathtub the cylinder body is round, in the cylinder body is equipped with the surfer nozzle, the bubble spout. The utility model has the advantages of convenient bath washing and good massage effect, and is a kind of sanitary ware suitable for home, hotel and other places.

Working principle and function of Jacuzzi

Massage bathtub is mainly through the motor movement, so that the bathtub inside the wall nozzle spray out into the air flow, resulting in the circulation of water, resulting in a massage effect on the human body. As long as the bathtub is filled with water, it can run self-sufficient. There is a suction nozzle at the bottom of the bathtub, Massage Bathtub where the water is sucked into the pump and then flowed back into the bathtub by the sprinklers installed on both sides of the bathtub. The air is sucked in from the inlet and mixed with the water at the nozzle, rotating each nozzle edge to adjust the airflow. This set of whirling currents massages the toil of the body, Massage Bathtub allowing the body to feel comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Massage bathtub cylinder wall, the bottom of the cylinder, distribution of the sprinkler, less then two pairs, more than a dozen pairs, it is used in water, to achieve the effect of massage. The nozzle of the bottom of the cylinder is mainly to massage the back, the nozzle of the cylinder wall mainly massages the soles of the feet, Massage Bathtub the sides of the body and the shoulders.

Massage bathtub According to the configuration of the nozzle, the general system and mixing system, single system, there is a single spray of water with a single jet, combined system, Massage Bathtub it is jet water and jet combination. To buy what kind of massage bathtub, you need to know the efficacy of the nozzle, the efficacy of the combination.

function of Jacuzzi

Fitness Therapy: First drink a glass of room temperature water to help clean the body circulatory system, water temperature to 34 ℃ appropriate; start a hydraulic massage system, run 8-10 minutes, during this time, massage water can relieve the skin surface nerve tension; in the following way, take a shower of 20 ℃ water: From the left foot to the hip, from the right foot to the hip, From the left hand to the shoulder, from the right hand to the shoulder (all from the bottom up), the shower will be sprinkled on the abdomen, Massage Bathtub shower flower sprinkle on the back of the subordinates.

Ease of pressure: Add 36 ℃ of water to the bathtub, which can be added with a relaxing effect of water-soluble bath oil to enhance the effect of hydraulic massage; start the air massage system, run for 3 minutes, let the bottom come out of the bubbles to relax the muscle tissue and increase elasticity for the skin. Massage Bathtub The massage water flows through the nerves that relieve the skin's surface, provides an effective soothing method for muscle tissue while speeding up the blood circulation in the body; Finally, repeat steps 2, 3-5 minutes, to increase the effect of relaxation; When all this is over, it is recommended that you drink a glass of water at the same temperature as the room. Rest in bed and stretch your body as far as you can. 2-3 such baths can take place in one weeks.

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