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How To Use The Pet Bathtub
Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Pet bathtub Material: glass fiber, the surface coated with a layer of rubber Uses: for the placement of pets, including bathing.

Size: 144cm (L) X 75cm (W) X 103cm (H) This product has the following components, installed in a frame and the base, the specific structure: 1. Bath main body made of glass fiber, the external coated with a layer 2. Water supply (240V), water pump; 3. Immersion water heater 2000w; 4. Shower head and bracket; 5. Water storage device (70 liters); 6. Copper water pipe, plastic water pipe, inlet and outlet; . Power cord; 8. Rubber pad (placed in the bathtub, Pet Bathtub the use of pet bath supporting); 9.5 built-in hook for the bolt tied; 10. Increased panel (to facilitate the small size of the pet standing on top); 11. Bath Storage container.

Pet bath to use: the machine is installed, the machine power into the 220v socket, in the storage tank into the tap water, and in the bath liquid storage container into the diluted pet with bath liquid, open the heating switch, so that the water temperature The temperature of the preset temperature; Pet Bathtub to be hot water heating, through the control of the switch, you can control the diluted shower and hot water together from the shower head out (so convenient pet beautician to save time, save the bath liquid, and more evenly coated On the bath liquid.); After the use of bath liquid cleaning is completed, the bath liquid outlet switch off, Pet Bathtub so that only the water out of the faucet in order to clean the body of the remaining body of the bath.

Pet bath for an integrated "electrical" so-called electrical appliances because the device with a water heater, water pump.

Its working principle is relatively simple, that is, electric heating water, Pet Bathtub through the nozzle of the pet bath. Then the classification of the dispute is whether the product is by bath or by water heater, or by other electrical appliances are not listed below it

Pet bath also has a cleaning function, heating function, the final classification according to the main material classification. Therefore, reference to this classification of ideas, Pet Bathtub the main features of the bath or a bath, with cleaning function, consider the material, that is, glass fiber products into the item 70.19.

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