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How To Decorate The Shower Room
Updated: Jul 14, 2017

The improvement of people's living standards, more and more people began to pay attention to the layout of the bathroom problem, how in the limited space, have a relatively independent bath space? The shower room can make full use of the corner of the toilet, creating a simple and relatively independent space. But you know what? The shower room is not all the places you want to install!

To install the first wiring

Shower room is not you want to install can casually installed, but should be done in the bathroom before the decoration design, good wiring in advance, and set a good protection switch device, Shower Rooms in order to avoid the future use of buried leakage hidden danger, endanger their own safety.

Size selection Needs attention

In choosing the size of the shower room must pay attention to, should be combined with the size of their own bathroom and height to choose the right product. Shower room too low and too high will bring people uncomfortable feeling, generally speaking, the height of the shower room in about 2.1 meters, Shower Rooms installation also need to add 10 centimeters, this time in the choice of the need to consider the height of their own bathroom.

Glass thickness is exquisite

The choice of the glass in the shower room is crucial, but it does not mean that the thicker the glass the better. Generally speaking, the flat door of the shower room with large glass, relatively poor stability, so should choose a slightly thicker than one points, more than 5 centimeters of glass, and fan-shaped, diamond, square, movable door, such as the shower room choice of 5 centimeters thick glass can be.

Anti-seepage treatment do not belittle

Impervious treatment. Although everyone in the bathroom before the renovation will do a waterproof, but shower room is after all water concentration area, so we must not be belittled, Shower Rooms should be more to observe the seepage situation, lest in the future use process caused inconvenience.

Brand choice to be formal

Bathroom shower room decoration in the foundation is also an important point is to buy regular products, do not covet the temporary cheap, but should buy brands and after-sales service better merchandise. 3c Certificate, quality certificate, patent certificate, so as to ensure more safe use.

Although the installation of the shower room can be more convenient for our life, but in the installation process of a number of small details can not be ignored, the installation of intentions, Shower Rooms to ensure the future use of convenience.

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