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Features Of Baby Swimming Pool
Updated: Oct 17, 2017

The baby swimming pool is divided into: inflatable swimming pool, bracket swimming pool, steel pool and fixed swimming pool

The baby swimming pool is not the same as the adult swimming pool, divided by the thin, even a small baby swimming pool, is also equipped. Mainly includes the massage area, the bathing area, the swimming area, the parent-child area, then these several districts have what function characteristic? Let me introduce you to the small part.

1, massage, promote intellectual game work area: including Massage workbench, clothing cabinets, card do the umbilical processing of disinfection items, massage oil, baby powder, Baby Swimming Pool diapers and has been disinfected soft dry towel and so on. A CD player can be placed on the workbench without broadcasting equipment installed in the baby swimming pool. In this area, Baby Swimming Pool complete the baby before swimming in the intellectual simulation game, excitement massage, umbilical processing, baby after swimming do umbilical disinfection and soothe the sedative massage work.

2. Bathing area: It is divided into infected bathing area and non infective bathing area. Normal newborns swim in uninfected bathing areas with live warm water rinse. Baby Swimming Pool Non-infective zones can also be used for common bathing purposes to improve site utilization.

3. Swimming area: Swimming area is also divided into uninfected baby swimming pool and infected baby swimming pool, hepatitis B and other virus carriers and other virus, bacteria carriers, Baby Swimming Pool in the infected infant swimming pool for baby swimming activities.

4, the parent-child area: provides the maternal to watch the baby swims as well as the intimate contact and the interaction with the baby the venue.

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