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Baby Swimming Pool To Achieve Health Care Effect
Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Baby swimming pool generally refers to the baby under the age of 1 dedicated swimming pool, the general matching one-time swim bag, baby swim ring or infant swimming ring (armpit circle), pump, water meter that is the basic material for baby swimming. Baby Swimming Pool There are about two kinds of domestic swimming pools sold in the market: inflatable swimming pool and stadium swimming pool respectively.

Inflatable swimming pool is generally used for the family, the appearance looks very beautiful, and relatively smooth, the best choice when the choice of thickening of the material pool, more secure: thick PU cloth design, soft, thick, easy to break more secure, The pool material on the market is 0.3 mm thick and 0.4 mm thick).

Stays swimming pool

The price of the stadium is much higher than that of the inflatable swimming pool, and the advantages are obvious, large capacity, easy to use, easy to fold, Baby Swimming Pool and no place for the bathroom area is very suitable. High-grade materials, not aging. Stent swimming pool material is generally folder net PVC material, the thickness of thin and thick, thin generally less than 0.55MM, mostly domestic materials. Thick can reach 0.65MM. Thick materials are generally imported high-grade materials. Generally do not seepage, Baby Swimming Pool non-toxic high-density materials.

What is the baby swimming pool?

Will babies be swim? Maybe they will not believe. The reason is that children grow up in the mother's womb, the uterus is full of amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid to the baby to provide nutrition, so that the fetus in the womb to better survival. Fetuses in the amniotic fluid, their limbs are more free body activities, resulting in our swimming in the swimming position.

The massage head for the baby pool is a 360 ° rotatable outlet, Baby Swimming Pool and the product uses a water-gas mixing system, which uses a mixture of spray water and gas, a blasting of bubbles, resulting in a shock wave The body's all-round massage, so as to promote the body's blood circulation principle, to achieve the effectiveness of health care.

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