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Baby Swimming Pool Buying Tips
Updated: Jul 04, 2017

Summer to a lot of mother heard let the baby more swimming on the body, coupled with the use of public swimming pool is not conducive to the health of the baby, it is intended to buy a home baby baby swimming pool, but because of these products are not familiar with, often can not buy Heartfelt products, here Xiaobian give you about baby baby swimming pool.

Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool PK Cradle Baby Swimming Pool

Currently on the market of infant and young children's swimming pool is generally divided into inflatable and stent-style two, we can use from the convenience, storage, security and other aspects to compare.

1. Before using the baby swimming pool, inflatable baby swimming pool in the use of the time to be inflated, the general need for baby swimming pool longer inflatable time, Baby Swimming Pool and stent-type baby swimming pool need to support through the stent, relatively speaking, the operation is more simple.

2. The same capacity of the baby swimming pool, due to inflatable outer wall thicker, generally than the stent-type baby swimming pool needs to be larger area, the latter less place.

3. Since it is a baby swimming pool you need to inject a lot of water, from this point of view, whether inflatable or stent-style takes a long time, unless earlier has been ready to use water instead of directly open tap water. Of course, the same drainage, Baby Swimming Pool the general time-consuming.

4. No matter what kind of product, the baby in actual use when the effect is almost the same, as long as there is quality assurance products, the basic are still safe, the key is to see how to use, how parents guide.

5. After use, the stent-type baby swimming pool is more convenient to remove some of the inflatable need to deflate, but put the gas up after the collapse is basically not accounted for the place.

Baby baby swimming pool worth buying?

In fact, no matter what kind of baby swimming pool, it is inconvenient to use at home, especially in small and medium-sized families living in large cities, baby baby swimming pool will generally need more space, and it is best to have water and can Drainage of the place, Baby Swimming Pool so that only the bathroom and balcony more appropriate, but most of the family's bathroom is not so big, so only to the balcony to use.

If you intend to buy a very small only in the bathroom with the mini baby swimming pool, it is even less necessary, because the role of your home with the bath almost, simply can not swim.

However, if the home is more spacious, and Mom and Dad do not feel a waste of water, the baby likes, in fact, still can buy.

How to buy baby baby swimming pool?

1. First look at the size, according to the location of the home to choose the appropriate size, so as not to buy too large products.

2. To choose a safe material, inflatable do not choose the smell of pungent plastic products, Baby Swimming Pool stent-type selection of high-quality nylon cloth products.

3. Select the inflatable, deflated, drainage more products, use more convenient.

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