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Baby Swimming Pool
Updated: Jul 14, 2017

The baby swimming pool generally refers to the 1-year-old baby's special swimming pool, the general matching one-time swimming bag, baby swimming ring or infant swimming ring (armpit ring), pump, water thermometer is the basic material for baby swimming. There are about 2 types of home swimming pools sold in the market: inflatable swimming pools and bracket swimming pools.

Inflatable swimming pool is generally used for the family, looks very beautiful, and relatively smooth, choose the best choice of the thickened material pool, more secure: thick pu cloth design, soft, thick, not easy to damage more safe, (the market on the pool material thickness of 0.3 mm, thickened 0.4 mm).

Bracket Swimming Pool

The price of the bracket swimming pool is much higher than the inflatable swimming pool, the advantages are also obvious, the capacity is big, the use is convenient, easy to fold, does not occupy the place, for the bathroom area small family is very suitable. Baby Swimming Pool Material high-grade, not easy to aging. The material of the bracket swimming pool is generally PVC material, the thickness is thin and thick, the thin general is less than 0.55MM, many for domestic materials. The thickness can reach 0.65MM. The thick material generally is the high-grade material which imports. Generally not seepage, for non-toxic high-density materials.

More and more bbmm choose to buy a swimming pool during the baby's infancy and give the baby a place to swim on. It's easy to buy a swimming pool if you spend it. But it's still quite annoying to buy a swimming pool that suits your family and your baby. The best choice of the swimming pool is to have the test proof, in order to determine whether to buy the swimming pool is suitable for human body, and harmless to the human body, Baby Swimming Pool now the baby can be home alone Miao. What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a baby swimming pool? Mother to the baby to choose the swimming pool should be from the following aspects to start.

1 Materials:

The material for baby supplies is important because the material is in accordance with hygienic standards, safe and non-toxic materials made of swimming pools and swimming laps, if the material is problematic, then the baby's skin is very harmful. The thickness of the material on the impact of the use of the product is also very important, Baby Swimming Pool thicker material of course will be durable point, and not easily damaged.

2 workmanship

In addition to looking at the material, but also to see whether the baby swimming equipment is fine, mothers should pay attention to the product seam position is smooth, no burr. In order to better protect the baby, choose the higher wages of the inner-turned-style production, touch the baby's skin where all the stitching, smooth outside the Burr, will not scratch the baby's delicate skin.

3 Security:

It is recommended that mothers choose a better safety double airbag design swimming ring, the so-called double airbag design means that the swimming circle has two separate supporting airbags, all equipped with a separate inflatable nozzle. If the swimming laps in the baby when there is a leak or a slight breakage, Baby Swimming Pool the swimming ring still has enough gas to hold the baby, the baby is safer, mother more assured.

4 Design:

Baby swimming with the neck of learning to support the swimming neck Circle, the best choice is to help the baby in the water balance of the eccentric inner circle design of the learning swim collar. It is recommended that mothers use eccentric inner ring design of the swimming circle, Baby Swimming Pool the back of the buoyancy greater than the front, so that the baby in the water balance better, not easy to produce the swimming ring after the water and lead to the baby ear canal water.

5 Style:

Now the baby swimming pool is a variety of styles, the most important thing is to choose some safe and comfortable mainly, such as round is better than square, because the rounded corners are more comfortable.

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