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[Pet]10 Reasons Why Your Pet Costs You More In A Beauty Salon Than Your Hair
Updated: Apr 08, 2016

10 Reasons Why Your Pet Costs You More in A Beauty Salon Than Your Hair


 A lot of people who take their precious pet dog or cat to a pet beauty salon to do a pet grooming for the first time, would be surprised that it actually costs them more money there than a regular haircut costs them.


However, behind that relatively high price, there is more unseen hard work made by the pet groomer. Long-time standing, uncooperative pets, unpleasant smell from the pet, these are some of the things that a groomer has to deal with in every pet customer. Not to mention that there is always this big risk of getting bitten by those lovely animal customers.


Here are 10 reasons why your pet costs you more that your hair costs you in a beauty salon.


1. Your hairdresser will not bath or shower you, while your pet groomer has to give your pet dog a thorough shower or bath in a pet bathtub, bound to get wet at the end of the bath.


2. Your hairdresser will not give you extra manicure and pedicure, while your pet groomer has to give a pedicure carefully to the four feet of your pet, in spite of its unwillingness and uncooperative spirit.


3. Your hairdresser will not have to face the danger of being hurt by your bite or scratch on him/her, while in pet grooming, your pet groomer has the huge risk of being bitten and scratched by the impatient, insecure, aggressive, and reluctant pet customer who is brought there involuntarily. It takes great patience, carefulness, skills and more importantly bravery to do that with every single customer.


4. You will not wriggle or jump or try to escape from your hairdresser when he/she does the job, while your pet will. The pet groomer has to constantly comfort and calm the pet down in the whole process so that he/she can do the job well, and he/she will be held responsible if the pet accidently jump out of the bathtub or grooming table and hurt itself.


5. Your hairdresser will only do your hair, while the groomer needs to take care of all the hair on all body parts of the pet, including the “private part”.


6. Your hairdresser definitely will not clean the discharge from your eyes and ears, while a pet groomer have to take care of that too!


7. The pet groomer has to hold his/her breath and clean the rear end of the dog, and don’t forget that no dog ever likes that.


8. The pet groomer has to be prepared for the pet dog or cat’s every attempt to bite the grooming tools which would result in hurt both the pet and the tools.


9. The pet groomer needs to check thoroughly for fleas and parasites, which takes way more patience and focus than a hairdresser on your hairstyle.


10. After the whole grooming process, the pet groomer will be covered by dog hair and water, and it’s only one pet customer!


Therefore, pet grooming is a much harder and heavier work than taking care of your hair. 

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