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[Pet] You Should Know These Before Giving Your Pet A Bath
Updated: Feb 29, 2016

You Should Know These before Giving Your Pet a Bath


Bathing your beloved pet in the wrong way will not benefit it at all, but also has the potential to cause some harm to the pet. Here are some items you should know about the correct ways of bathing your pet, whether it’s in a pet bathtub or shower.


1. Avoid giving bath to newborn puppies, puppies that haven’t got all the necessary vaccines, or puppies that just get any vaccines, to reduce the chance of getting any infection or disease.


2. Prepare products specially designed and made for pets.


3. Remove loose hair of your pet before bath.


4. Follow the right order. Use clean water to wash its body and feet, then its head. After you apply shampoo to its body and slightly to its heads, rinse the head first and then body to prevent shampoo from irritating its eys.


5. You should dry your pet’s hair completely after you give it a bath or shower.

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