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[Pet] Why You Should Use Pet Shampoo To Bath Your Pet Dog
Updated: Mar 04, 2016

Why you should use pet shampoo to bath your pet dog


It is known that people should use pet shampoos to bath their pet dogs, especially when there are all kinds of brands and products of pet bath shampoos nowadays. But have you thought about why? Why can’t the shampoo or body wash you’re using be applied to your lovely pet dog?


It’s because dog’s skin is alkaline in PH value, while human’s skin is acidic in PH value. The shampoos and cleanser products for human body are made to clean acidic skin. Therefore it’s not appropriate to be used on pet dogs. Otherwise it will cause irritation issues, dry skin and skin peeling problems to the dog.


Too much fragrance in the shampoo product also will not do any good to the pet dog. A dog’s body odour is part of its identity. If the shampoo is so strong in fragrance that the dog’s own odour gets covered up, the dog will not be easily identified by other dogs, causing some tension between them.

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