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[Pet] Why Is Not Drying Your Pet After Bath Hurting Its Health?
Updated: Feb 29, 2016

    Why is not drying your pet after bath hurting its health?

    Every dog owner should take care of his lovely dog’s hygiene periodically. Giving your dog a bath in a pet bathtub or a shower, will not only make it look cleaner, but also help remove the bacteria and bugs that are hurting your dog’s heath.


    However, many dog owners usually let their dogs dry off naturally after giving them a bath in a bathtub or shower, instead of drying their hair with a hairdryer. It seems not a big problem, but in fact, not drying your dog after bath will cause potential health problems for it in the long run.


A. Catch a cold.

Not drying your dog off immediately after bath will increase the chance for it to get a cold, especially if your dog has not been vaccinated. And when its immune system is compromised because of the cold, it is very likely to catch viruses and infectious diseases from the outside, and become ill.


B. Get infectious skin disease.

Fungi will reproduce tremendously in any damp environment, in this case, your pet’s wet body every time after its bath. The cumulated fungi over time eventually become fungal skin diseases, affecting both the pet and its owner.

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