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[Pet] Two Myths About Pet Grooming
Updated: Apr 15, 2016

Two Myths About Pet Grooming


Along with the increasing popularization of pet grooming service, some myths about it also beome unexamined beliefs to people who do not know much about this business.


Myth #1. “It’s so easy for pet groomers to get bitten or scratched to bleed by the pet.”


This does happen, but on very rare occasions. The first thing a pet groom must do when a proposal for grooming a pet dog is made, is to quickly assess the health condition and overal status of the pet in 10 minutes. If by assessment he/she decides that the pet dog is not in good condition, the groomer will not groom it compulsively.


Even when it comes to those healthy and very active and happy dogs, the pet groomer also needs to spend some time with it to build connection and relationship before the grooming work starts. And in order to do this, the pet groomer needs to be well equipped with rich knowledge in dogs and baisc veterinary medicine, to have a general idea of things such as what characteristics certain dogs have, or the symptoms indicating that there’s something wrong with the pet’s health.


So with careful assessment and evaluation of the pet dog’s condition, the risk of the groomer getting bitten or attacked because of some pets’ innate habitual nature is reduced greatly in the first place.


Myth #2: “Pet grooming is such an easy job: trim some hair, brush the hair and give the dog a bath—that’s pretty much all of it, right?”


Besides the fact mentioned above that a pet groomer needs to have basic veterinay knowledge, which itself is not easy, grooming is also very time-consuming and energy-consuming as well.


It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to do a thorough grooming to a pet dog, and even longer for the dogs that lack “cooperative spirit”. Also, constant interaction with the pet dog during grooming is required. Dogs are very sensative animals, which means that they can sense the vibe of the situation, especially when a groomer is impatient and surly. When they do sense that, they become irritable and uncooperative with the work.


Therefore, this myth lies upon the assumption that a pet being groomed is like a good little boy that patiently sits still until the work is done, which is not the truth. Every step of the grooming concerns deliberate enery and time management. 

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