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[Pet] Pay Attention To These Before Giving Your Pet Dog A Bath
Updated: Mar 08, 2016

Pay Attention to These before Giving Your Pet Dog a Bath


1. Before bath, you need to comb its hair, in order to untangle the twined hair as well as to remove dirt, especially in the areas around mouth, at the back of ears, underarms, toes, etc.

2. Water temperature should be 36-37.

3. Be careful not to let shampoo into its eyes or ears. Cleanser your pet dog thoroughly to prevent it from having skin infection because of residual cleaning products.

4. Do not bath or shower your pet dog when the humidity is very high or it’s rainy.

5. Blow dry your pet dog immediately after you give it a bath.

6. Don’t keep your pet dog in the bathtub for too long.

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