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[Pet] How Often Do You Bath Your Pet Dog?
Updated: Mar 02, 2016

How Often do You Bath your Pet Dog?


Some pet owners bath or shower their beloved pet as soon as their hair or body gets dirty. It feels so nice to see a freshly bathed puppy looking neat and clean.


However, this habit will do more harm to your pet than do good.


As humans, we need to take shower or bath daily, especially in summer, to remove the sweat that is blocking our skin pores. However, unlike humans who have sweat glands on skin to excrete sweat to condition body temperature, dogs don’t have sweat glands on their skin, and therefore they don’t need to be removing sweat daily.


Bathing or showering your dog too frequently will damage the natural PH value of its skin, causing skin irritation, dry skin and skin peeling.


Generally speaking, if you want to bath your pet dog in a bathtub or in a shower in summer, 2 ~ 3 times per month will be enough; in winter, 1 time per month is enough to keep your pet clean and in good hygiene condition.


Use a wet towel to wipe away the dirt on your dog’s hair when it gets dirty, or clean its paws after walking outside. This will keep your pet in a good condition without resorting to a bath too often.

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