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[Pet] Giving A Bath To Your Cat - Impossible?
Updated: Apr 12, 2016

 Giving A Bath to Your Cat - Impossible?

More and more grooming shops are welcoming cats as their increasing customers in recent years. People would think of dogs when the phrase “pet grooming” was mentioned before, but now with the increasing diversity of doemstic pets, grooming shops are adjusting themselves to the millenial grooming market.


If a dog that is being bathed can be described as “reluctant”, “uncooperative” and “unwilling”, then the descriptive words for a cat in a bath process must be the superlative degree of those same words. Cats dislike water much much more than most dogs. They would fight back anyone who attempts to out them into the shiny moving liquid, mostly using their sharp claws. That’s why more and more cat owners prefer to take their lovely and yet relentless kitties to grooming shops for a bath rather than giving bath themselves.


Like dogs, cats don’t need to be bathedvery often. They can do the basic cleaning themselves. Cats with long hair can be bathed every 2-3 months, while short-hair cats can even be bathed every half a year! Although technically speaking, a bath will help maintain the good hygiene conditon and prevent parasites from the cats, whether or not to give your cat a bath and grooming and when to do that, all depend on specific situations of your own cat.


If your experiences with bathing your cat tells you that your kitty would rather die than be showered and bathed, then combing its hair reguarly can also help maintaining its hair and its intimacy with you. 

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