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[Baby] When NOT To Give Baby A Bath
Updated: Mar 15, 2016

 When NOT to Give Baby A Bath


It is very harmful and unhealthy to give your baby a routine bath regardless of the actual situation of the baby.


You should avoid giving bath to your baby in the following situations:


1. Do not give bath to the baby after vaccination. The pinhole on the baby’s skin is very likely to get infected by being exposed to unclean water.


2. Do not give bath to the baby if he/she is frequently vomiting or having diarrhea.


3. Do not give bath to the baby if he/she is having a fever, but wait 48 hours after the fever is gone. Inappropriate bath at this fever time would cause the body temperature to go higher because the skin pores are closed, or might cause insufficiency in blood supply in the body.


4. Do not give bath to the baby if he/she has a skin damage or infection. A bath will increase the infection.


5. Do not give bath to the baby after the baby is fed. It is suggested to bath him/her 1 or 2 hours after meal.

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