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[Baby] Safety Cautions In Baby Swimming
Updated: Mar 11, 2016

Safety Cautions in Baby Swimming


1. The baby should be supervised all the time during his stay in the baby swimming pool. The operator should carry effective communication with the baby, including talking and singing to the baby, encouraging the baby to move in the swimming pool on his/her own, and giving verbal praise and physical message to the baby.


2. The swim float should be carefully examined before use, to see if the plug and safety buckle are functioning perfectly, and if there is any leak in the float.


3. The baby’s navel should be protected by water-proof navel-protection sticker, to avoid infection.


4. Carefully check if the baby is equipped correctly with the float.


5. The baby should be put into the swimming pool very gently and slowly so that he/she can have time to adjust to the water.


6. Water temperature should be maintained around 37-38℃ (98.6-100.4).

7. After swimming, the baby should be wiped dry immediately and kept warm with blanket or clothes.


8. Duration time of swimming should be about 5-10 minutes.


9. Swimming activity should be conducted 1 hour after the baby has meal.

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