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[Baby] How To Prevent Baby From Catching A Cold During A Bath Time
Updated: Mar 14, 2016

How to Prevent Baby from Catching a Cold During a Bath Time


Preparation work: Prepare everything you need for the baby bath: towels, clothes, heater, shampoo. Don't go grabbing things in the middle of the bath. Leaving the baby in the bathtub alone not only is prone to causing a cold, but more importantly is extremely dangerous for the baby. Don’t do that.


Warm temperature: Use a heater if the room temperature is too cold for the baby. Bring the baby into the bathroom after the room is warm enough and water is ready. You could put boiled water into washbasins to produce vapor for extra warmth.


Warm up the body: Warm up the baby before you take him/her into the bathtub. Guide the baby to do some exercise to keep the body warm.


Warm water: If the bath lasts a relatively long time, you should keep the water warm by adding hot water into the bathtub. Be careful not to hurt the baby. Always test the water temperature on your hand before you put baby into water.


Wait 2 minutes: After the baby is bathed, dried with towel, and fully clothed and covered, wait 2 minutes or so in the bathroom before you take him/her out so that the baby can gradually adapt to the temperature change.

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