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[Baby] How To Make Your Baby Love Bath
Updated: Mar 17, 2016

How to Make Your Baby Love Bath


Giving a newborn or even a kid a bath is not an easy thing to do. Here are some tips for parents.


     1. Get to know why your baby or your kid doesn’t like bath.

Try to understand what the things are that prevent the baby or child from enjoying the bath. Is it because of fear that the shampoo will hurt the eyes because of a past experience? Is it because the bath time interrupts their game? Is it because it’s cold in the bathroom? Is it because of your unskilled techniques?

Identify the possible problems, and fix them as much as you can. This will help the baby feel more comfortable with bath time.


     2. Make the baby feel secure and comfortable about taking a bath with you.

Keep talking to the baby or kid when you give him/her bath in the bathtub, explaining what the part is that is being cleaned, and you may sing to the baby. Your baby can feel your happy and positive vibe through your words and actions.

Instead of conveying a negative message that it’s just a chore or a task to bath him/her, you will express the message that bath time is a happy time to your baby, making him/her feel secure and comfortable about going into a bath.

      Let the baby help you squeeze the shampoo. Invent some games in bath. Make the baby a part of this fun bath activity.


    3. Make the bath time a regular activity, at the same time in a day on a regular basis. Make it a nonnegotiable rule so that your baby knows it’s time to bath again, and therefore normalize the bath activity.


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