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[Baby] How to Give A Bath to A Newborn Baby Less Than Six Months Old
Updated: Mar 31, 2016

How to Give A Bath to A Newborn Baby Less Than Six Months Old 


    It might seem daunting and stressful for new parents to bath their newborn baby with no precedential practical experience of bathing a baby in a changing station or a bathtub. The baby looks so delicate and tiny when they are less than six months old. New parents may not even be clear about where to start!

    However, if we break down the whole “baby bath” thing into several clear and manageable steps, it will immediately become doable and easy.


1. Scalp cleaning?

Sometimes there are those dry and thin skin fragments that look like dandruff on the baby’s scalp. But they usually are not really dandruff. They are usually the natural substance that will go away gradually. Parents don’t need to clean them deliberately. Consult a pediatrician before you decide to do something about them.


2. Eyes area.

As the baby’s lachrymal gland and winking reflex function are rapidly growing, it is harmful to use shampoo to bath the baby because there is chance that the shampoo can harm the eyes and cause infection. It’s best to bath the newborn baby just with clean water.

Use wet cotton balls to clean the eyes area gently. Use separate cotton balls for each eye to avoid contagion.


3. Ears area.

Baby’s ears do not need particular cleaning, so do not use Q-tip to try to clean inside the ears.

However, if there are unknown liquid discharge coming out of the baby’s ears, take the baby to a pediatrician in time, since it can be a symptom of any kind of infection.

4. Fingers

The newborn baby’s fingernails should be trimmed carefully to avoid hurting himself/herself with them accidentally. The fingernails become a bit soft after a bath, so it’s a good time to trim nails after bath.

5.Water Depth

For newborn baby, the water depth should be 5-8cm. For a little bigger baby, it could be 10-13cm depending on the particular size. 

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