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Baby Swimming Pool-MG8805

Product: Baby Swimming Pool Brand: Nami • Mengpo Model: MG8805 Size:1100 x 1000 x 830 mm Packaging Volume: 1.08 m3
Product Details

Product: Baby Swimming Pool

Brand: Nami • Mengpo

Model: MG8805 

Size:1100 x 1000 x 830 mm 

Packaging Volume: 1.08 m3

Available Options:

air bubble and whirlpool functions 


- Baby Swimming Pool

- Environmentally friendly ABS plastic material.

- The surface is smooth and easy to clean.

- With CE Certificate.

- Suitable for baby of 0-12 months.

- Application: family, maternity hospital, entertainment center, baby spa, hotel, etc.

Size: 1100 x 1000 x 830 mm 

Interior Size: 860 x 720 x 680 mm


1 mixers 

2 handheld showerhead

3 water spout

4 pop-up stopper

5 air bubble nozzles

Installation Tips:

1. Connect the showerhead to the shower tube.

2. Connect the water inlets of the tub to the hot and cold water supply

3. Put the drain pipe into the drain on the floor.

Color options

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