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  • Jacuzzi Helps People To Be In Good Health
    Massage bathtub is mainly through the motor movement, so that the bathtub inside the wall nozzle spray out into the air flow, resulting in the circulation of water, resulting in a massage effect on the human body. Take Kohler's single-speed water pump and pneumatic switch as an example: as long as the bathtub is filled with water, it can run self-sufficient. Massage Bathtub There is a suction nozzle at the bottom of the bathtub, where the water is sucked into the pump and then flowed back into the bathtub by the sprinklers installed on both sides of the bathtub. The air is sucked in from the inlet and mixed with the water at the nozzle, rotating each nozzle edge to adjust the airflow.
  • The Shower Room Is Rich In Styling
    The advantages of the shower room, if the shower room is special is what you want, then decisively buy a shower room just fine.
  • Baby Bathtub Size Selection Is Also Important
    Babies are born to love sports, but relatively small babies are very easy to be injured in sports, it is easy to let treasure mom dearly. So it's easier to be able to promote communication than to swim, because babies are younger and swimming at home is safer.
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